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April 2020
 - Please read the guidelines listed below in reference to our Coronavirus protocols:


Please read the following guidelines and keep in mind that your actions at the golf course will dictate whether or not we remain open. Therefore, upon your arrival, please make smart decision and remember to keep the safety, health and well being of yourself, other customers and our staff at the forefront.

· Only one person in the golf shop at a time
· Only one person in the snack bar at a time
· All members and guests are responsible for maintaining the social distancing guideline on while on golf course property. All members and guests MUST be a minimum of 6 feet apart while on property
· Members and guests must use wipes or wash hands when entering the facility
· Our staff will ask anyone who is not following social distancing break up their group or leave the property
· No more than 4 players per tee time and family members may ride together, otherwise each guest will take their own cart
· All members and guests are responsible for
removing their own trash

· All members or guests, when using the range, must stay between the dividers while warming up or practicing
· No member or guest is allowed in the cart barn or maintenance area
· Flagsticks must remain in the hole while playing
· Do not use other player’s clubs or pick up their clubs while playing
· All members in guests must check in, including for use of the range

These guidelines and rules at the club are changing by the minute. Please plan to be patient, flexible and understanding upon your visit to the golf course. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.